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Barry based practicing Architect, Dennis Hellyar, designed the first Sustainable BREEAM Excellent further education facility in the UK, and first BREEAM Excellent Healthcare Centre in Cardiff, South Wales, winning Welsh Breeam awards for both projects. Dennis also designed the first houses in Cardiff to meet Code for Sustainable Homes - Levels 4 and 5...6 is the maximum level!
With an enviably stong track record in Sustainable Architecture in Wales, Dennis Hellyar Architects looks to continue to push the boundaries in Low carbon and low energy design thinking.
Why is Sustainable Architecture so important? Well unfortunately, if you are not part of the solution, you are almost certainly part of the problem.
We live in an oil driven economy. Oil is a finite resource and it will run out. Demand is outstripping the rate of supply and so the cost is soaring.
Oils and fossil fuels are contributing to global warming, so the cost and use of oil is forcing us to reconsider the way we use energy. There are four key reasons why we need to consider sustainable thinking:
Money - Sustainable architecture and renewable energy forms save money
Planet - A lower individual carbon footprint will contribute to reduce Global warming
Insurance - Renewable energy will shield us from the rising costs of oil and gas.
Comfort - Sustainable building are healthier in use - they make you feel better.
Welsh Government takes sustainable architecture very seriously. The new Welsh Building Regulations are very stringent in the Part L - Energy related matters. Also WG insists on Breeam Excellent in WG funded projects.
Our buildings contribute to our use of energy and so we need to look hard at low carbon and low energy building design and increasingly the use of renewable energy technology


Sustainable Architect, Cardiff Welsh Passive House competition - Image courtesy of A-S:L
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